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Paddle Clash

Hit the court with a new take on arcade tennis. Choose from dozens of characters and paddles as you work your way up the ranks. Compete in weekly tourneys and across the globe. Be the greatest Paddle Clasher of all time!

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Scrabble Vision

Now everyone can have a blast with Scrabble® wordplay, no matter their skill level! Don't know how to score? Don't know big words? Don’t worry! With this simple-to-use app, it's never been easier to play the game of Scrabble®!

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Solve puzzles in Pandamonium, the first match-3 puzzle game to go beyond match 3. Join Pete the Panda in this free match 3 puzzle game and make matches and new and unique shapes to pop, blast, and crush circles, obstacles, and bad guys on your way to victory.

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Treasure Hunters

Armed with nothing but shovels, miner Frank Diggs, his son Hank, daughter Nat, and Hank's best friend Andy are on a quest for treasure. Help them battle and dig their way through through magical enemies across dozens of dungeons. Who will emerge as the top treasure hunter? Let's go!

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Space Survival

The galaxy wants you dead. You have the payload. Survive.

Do you have what it takes to survive? Blast your way through asteroids and alien ships and save the other survivors of The Brood's attack.

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Solo Chess

Solo Chess is a fun, relaxing, yet challenging chess game you can play by yourself! The puzzles start out easy, but they'll get more complex as you move on, always adapting to your skill level. Whether you want to learn how to play chess or you are already a chess expert, prepare for a challenge. Will you become a Solo Chess grandmaster?

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Begin your English language learning journey with Highlandia. Learn English through games.

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StarStarter Rx

StarStarter Rx is a non-drug therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder delivered through a casual mobile game. StarStarter Rx is currently being investigated as a cognitive behavioral therapy in clinical trials and will be submitted for FDA’s review as a treatment for Social Anxiety Disorder.

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Power Switch

Play the next classic family card game. Build the power tower and play all your cards, but watch out for shock plays. Power switch your cards at the right time and totally change the course of the game. Be the player with the fewest points at the end to win!

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When you create a thought, it starts as a simple flower and can grow into a full city as people engage with your idea. Curators help you express your thought clearly and AI helps your thought find its place in the world. Related thoughts cluster together in a 3D landscape so you can understand how concepts relate.

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Math Mayhem

Math Mayhem!! allows you to practice your math while playing a cool video game that is set in a medieval times fantasy world. Play as a Warrior or an Archer Elf, and climb the castle wall to get your weapon of choice before the Dragon’s fire reaches you!

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Fox Weather

FOX Weather shows you the world’s weather as you’ve never seen it before, with beautiful visuals in a straightforward design giving you short and long-range forecasts, weather news, live video, 3D mobile radar, and more.



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